About Us

Rufo’s Dog is the brainchild of Sam Gilmour, who writes as SJB Gilmour. He grew up… No, that’s not right. Many would argue he’s never grown up. In his early teens, he discovered Anne McCaffrey, R A Heinlein, Frank Herbert, and many more SFF writers.


One of his favourite books of all time is Glory Road, by Heinlein. One of the supporting characters in Glory Road is a character called Rufo. Sam couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute to Heinlein than by naming this magazine after one of his characters. Also, Weird Tales was already taken.


Right now, Rufo’s Dog is a quarterly magazine, but with any luck, it will be bi-monthly (6 isues per 12 months,), within a year or so.

The Team.


Scraps, (AKA Sam Gilmour,), is one of the Editor Aliens. He is a Second Reader for Science Fiction and Fantasy submissions at Rufo’s Dog. He also handles most correspondence with contributors. Scraps can be found on Twitter.



Submissions Spook


The Submissions Spook is the First Reader. Those submissions with potential, he hands to either S.B. James, or Sam Gilmour. The Spook has no social media.



S.B. James


S.B. is one of the Editor Aliens at Rufo's Dog.  She writes Horror, Erotica, and Dangerous Ideas. She can be found on Twitter.



The Thing From The Slush Pile


The Thing refers to herself as The Submissions Spook’s hit-bitch. She has the delightful job of sending the rejection letters. She also provides bullet-pointed feedback. She does not sugar-coat her comments to writers.  You can find her direct, occasionally caustic, and often foulmouthed posts on Twitter.

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