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Submissions for the January 2020 are closed. The window for our April 2020 issue will be all of January 2020. A month is good for adults, especially seasoned scribblers. However submissions are open all year round for teenagers and high-school students.

If you are or know a young artist who's just starting out and would like to see their name in print and also earn a few bucks, spread the word!



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We've accepted a bunch of great stories from writers all over the world, so we're nearly full. Just a few more edits yet to finish, which will be added over the next month.

We're still open to high-school students all year round, and from January 2020, we'll also be open to poetry submissions.

For now, it's tail up-head down editing, and of course sending out rejection slips.

Keep those paws scribbling!


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